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Water bikes that are compact, portable and easy to transport

Ride On Water!

Red Shark Bikes Canada are a revolutionary platform for on-water cycling designed by European supercar engineers. Riding on-the-water has never been so much fun and so much like riding a bike. Finally, a water bike that actually looks and rides like a road bike with stable-rudder technology and a maintenance-free gearbox to provide stability and years of enjoyment.

Not only are Red Shark Bikes an exciting new way to enjoy the water, but they are also an excellent form of exercise. Cycling is a great way to get a full-body workout, and doing it on the water adds an extra element of challenge and fun. With Red Shark Bikes, riders can explore new bodies of water and take in the scenery while getting a great workout.


Water Bikes: Experience The Thrill

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ride a bike on water? With Red Shark Bikes Canada, you can experience the thrill of on-water cycling like never before. These water bikes are not only fun and exciting, but also offer an excellent opportunity to explore the great outdoors and stay active.

In addition to being a great form of exercise, riding a Red Shark Bike is also an eco-friendly way to enjoy the water. These water bikes are powered solely by the rider, which means no noise, no pollution, and no fuel costs. They are also low impact, making them an excellent option for those with joint or mobility issues.

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